TAGx provides gaming operators with a single interface to manage all transactions between themselves, their consumers, and their payment suppliers.

This simplifies the integration of new alternative payment methods (APMs) and provides real-time analytics, saving time and preventing human error.

Gaming operators can increase revenue in the short term and make smarter decisions for long-term growth.

TAGx returns control of the transaction flow to the gaming operator, allowing them to define rules for switching transactions and delivering APMs to customers.

TAGx enables gaming operators to build a payment ecosystem with the most suitable partners and optimize transactions to accept a full array of APMs, increasing growth potential.

The ability to pay with preferred APMs enables gaming companies to distribute their games and services via different digital platforms and target specific regions by displaying their availability and options to accept the most common APMs used by customers in that location.

This allows gaming companies to maintain their market advantage as the use of APMs becomes more prevalent.

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