Payment Orchestration

Any Payment, Anywhere

Improve customer experience and conversion rates

Leverage smart payment routing and dynamic processing flows offered by TAGx to maximize your payment processing efficiency.

TAGx Benefits

Why Choose Us

Maximize Profits

Increase global sales by accepting payments that are preferred locally with TAGx’s extensive portfolio of payment service providers and payment methods.


Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), TAGx greatly minimizes the potential risk of unknown factors in every transaction.


With TAGx’s proprietary drag-and-drop feature, you can personalize and configure the ideal logic of your payment flows.


By blending state-of-the-art services and technology, TAGx effectively prevents digital payment fraud.


Make informed decisions and respond to changes rapidly by accessing crucial and valuable information for your business instantly with real-time data.

The TAGx Advantage
No need for complex and expensive programming
All-in-one platform for all payment types
Agile, AI-based risk management for digital fraud prevention
24/7/365 account monitoring and support
Tailored service packages at an attractive rate

Reduce your responsibilities

Our platform has been built on vaults that meet the standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), thereby minimizing the effort required by merchants to achieve PCI compliance.

TAGx empowers merchants to maximize their payment stream without compromising security.

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