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Risk Scoring

Payment Orchestration and Enhanced Risk Management

In the realm of payment orchestration, effectively managing and evaluating associated risks is a complex task due to the multitude of variables and potential outcomes in any given transaction. To address this complexity head-on, the application of a robust risk scoring component becomes imperative.

What truly distinguishes TAGx’s payment orchestration and risk management system is its exclusive employment of a proprietary machine learning framework. This innovative system  possesses the capability to meticulously monitor and chronicle every transactional activity without limitation. In addition, it constructs an evolving end-user profile or score through each recorded transaction “tag.” This dynamic approach signifies a continuous learning process, enabling the system to proficiently adapt to individual user behaviors. The upshot is a notably refined risk scoring protocol and fortified anti-fraud measures.

With the incorporation of TAGx’s pioneering risk scoring system, enterprises can bolster their confidence in the efficacy of their risk management tactics. This, in turn, empowers them to effectively mitigate potential financial losses stemming from fraudulent endeavors.

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